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19 Years of Experience

Hey, I'm Troy. I've got 19 years of experience fishing up and down most of the rivers in Oregon. This is what I do full time. All the time! 

I'm on the Pro-Staff for Loomis and Finesse Rods and Shimano Reels.  My gear and boat are top notch.

When I'm not fishing, I'm with my wife, kids, or duck hunting with my 2 labs, Skeeter and Shelby. 

Come on out and fish with me. You won't regret it. 


Official Sponsor:

Ninkasi Brewing

Officially sponsored by Ninkasi Brewing since 2016. 
The perks? A beautiful boat wrap, and all the beer you can drink.


My Boats

I fish primarily out of a 25 foot Koffler sled with 6 swivel seats.  I fish for everything out of this boat except for Steelhead.  This boat is fully sponsored by Ninkasi Brewing.

For Steelhead, we fish out of an 18 foot Koffler Drift Boat.

Long Boat.jpg
Beer Boat.jpeg

The Ninkasi Sled

This is my primary boat. 
25 foot Koffler sled with 6 swivel seats. This boat can go from rivers to the ocean, and is fully sponsored by Ninkasi brewing.

River Boat.jpeg

River Drift Boat

For Steelhead fishing I strictly use my 18ft long Koffler Drift boat. This boat can seat a total of 4.

Sturgeon Catch1.jpg

Our Fishing Destinations

I fish mostly on the Southern Oregon Coast tributaries, but I venture up to the Columbia and Willamette if the Spring Chinook are biting and to Astoria for Sturgeon season.

For ocean fishing, I fish out of Winchester Bay and Charleston.

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