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Steelhead Trout Charter

Location: Coquille and Umpqua Rivers

Restricted to Drift Boat fishing


January through March

$300 per person, Maximum 3. 

 *Due to the incresed cost of doing buisness, I regrettably need to raise my prices until we can curb inflation, and gas prices start to come back down.

I'm sorry to do this, but I'm hoping it's temporary. 


Join me for Steelhead trout fishing!

Know Before You Go! 
Here's my FAQ section on Steelhead fishing so you know what we're getting into. 


What The Heck Is A Steelhead? 

Steelhead are rainbow or Redband Trout that migrate to the ocean during their first or second year, returning one to three years later to spawn. While in the ocean, steelhead are silvery in color and typically grow significantly larger than their siblings who never leave fresh water. Once back in fresh water, they usually turn dark-olive in color, with silvery-white undersides, heavily speckled bodies and a pink to red stripe running along their sides.

Steelhead fishing is a more active fishing with casting and reeling in a moving boat.

How Big Are These Fish? 

They average between 12" - 24" and 8-12 pounds

What Do I  Need to Bring for the Trip?

ODFW Fishing License  can be purchased here  

There is a MyODFW app for your phone that works for purchasing a license.  

Lunch, snacks and beverages for yourself, and or your guests. I would recommend something that would fit in a small cooler. Bring warm clothes, rain gear and a hat just to be safe. 


Ninkasi has graciously provided beer if interested.

Do NOT bring Bananas please.  It may be a superstition, but I have stories!

When and Where are we Meeting? 

All trips begin when it is light out and last until our limit is met or 3pm; whichever comes first. 

The meeting location will be decided at least a week before the trip.


Again, all participants are responsible for their own meals and ODFW fishing licenses and tags. 

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